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Your Global Partner for Integrated Perimeter Security Solutions
Fiber Sensys is the World Leader in the design and development of Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies for Security Applications.  Since 1990, over 12,000 Fiber SenSys Alarm Processor Units (APU’s) have been deployed along with over 4,000,000 meters of fiber-optic sensing cable at the most critical sites around the globe. Backed by the highest rating available by the US Government, Fiber SenSys is a trusted and respected supplier of fiber optic intrusion detection systems.
Protecting Perimeters

Perimeter security is no longer just for correctional institutions and military sites; it has become standard protocol for most facilities and organizations in the world. Detecting intruders as early as possible provides maximum protection for your personnel and resources. Whether securing retail, light industrial facilities, utilities and energy plants, petroleum and chemical factories, or transportation centers, Fiber SenSys has a solution for you.

We have applications for:

  Chain Link Fences
  Specialty and Non-Climb Fences
  Buried Cable

An Optex Group company
Minimize Nuisance Alarms and Maximize your Protection with SpectraView 

Fiber SenSys offers SpectraView, a maintenance and calibration software utility designed to provide installers and end users with the flexible tools for optimal system calibration in all circumstances.  Geared for installation on your laptop or desktop PC, SpectraView offers six separate modes of operation to assist you with the maintenance and calibration process of any Fiber Defender series Alarm Processing Unit (APU). Connect a serial cable from your PC to the APU under test, launch the software, and you’re ready to roll.

  • Windows®-based software
  • Sensor signal viewing and recording capability
  • Operating modes for viewing, recording, analyzing, and modeling sensor cable data
  • Compatible with all Fiber Defender series Alarm Processing

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US Government Approved For the Highest Level of Perimeter Protection
  • Designed for Homeland Security protection requirements
  • Fiber SenSys has the only fiber-optic intrusion detection system that is Priority Level 1 Nuclear Approved
  • More perimeter sensors in Mid East theater than any other manufacture
  • Sandia National Laboratories – Tested, certified for approval and implemented 
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Y-12 National Security Complex at Oak Ridge, TN
  • Savannah River Site
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

High Performance

  • Superior operations in robust conditions
  • EMI/RFI and lighting Immune
  • Temp Hardened
  • Corrosive environ.
  • Advanced DSP-based algorithm provides most precise tuning
  • Industry leading NAR/FAR

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