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Minimize False Alarms
​Optex’s intelligent line of passive and active infrared detectors, based on an intruder's body heat and motion, detect unauthorized entry into protected spaces.  Specifically developed technology and on-board algorithms help eliminate false alarms and make the sensors less susceptible to such nuisance factors such as:

- Sudden or significant lighting changes from clouds    
- Solar glare, shadows
- Reflections off water
- Artificial lighting flashes                                                
- Continuous movement of sand and grasses in field                                                     
- Insects, spider webs or rain drops on camera lens      
- Animals or birds
- Hail, Snow, Fog, Rain                                                
- Vehicle headlights
- Moving bushes or branches; blowing leaves                
High Quality Video Surveillance at Low Bandwidth
Adding an Optex sensor with an Mega Pixel IP Camera saves bandwidth because the camera activates on motion trigger which maximizes the value of VMS software.  Here's an example:
Layered Perimeter Protection
You can cover an outside perimeter, perimeter line, Field zone and Facility protection using the full product line of sensors from Optex.
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