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Perimeter protection for electrical substation 

​Customer Requirements:

Reliable perimeter security. The customer needed multiple levels of protection including distance, spot, and boundary protection. Each level needed to activate a camera, trigger an alarm and notify authorities if an individual penetrated a substation. 

Benefits of Using Redwall: 

The intrusion event is tracked by customer's own central monitoring station who then alerts the authorities along with an end-user emergency contact.
The SIP series allows the system integrator to easily adjust and account for any physical obstacles within the protected perimeter view of the detector.

​Solar Farm

Customer Requirements:
Protection of a solar farm consisting of 22,500 panels which is
built on a 32-acre site across four fields in the UK. Intruders are to be captured precisely by pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras once an intruder climbs over the physical fence.

Benefits of Using Redwall: 
The detector creates a detection area with a diameter of 60 meters 
in an arc of 180º. With four outputs to integrated with pan/
tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras to capture and track the intruder automatically. Also the detector can provide very reliable capture performance with minimal false alarms in the remote harsh environment where there is a risk of small animals 
and vegetation causing unwanted alarms.  

VIP Residence Protection
Customer Requirements:
Protecting a high net worth private residence in the UAE. 
The home-owner sought to protect his property from intrusion by using discreet early-warning detection technology linked to a networked CCTV system. The system had to provide 100% ground coverage in a precise detection pattern and be immune to false activations by the home-owner’s pets and vegetation.

Benefits of Using Redscan:
​The Redwall detector is easy and quick to install and it is possible to set up a precise detection area easily, which will not be affected by the type of boundary or the environment with very low false alarms.

Customer Requirements:

Early warning or detection of intruder approaching the fence. 

Benefits of Using Redscan: 

The detection area can be set up easily and is very flexible. It is not affected by the quality of fence, light or shadows.

Outdoor Fence-Line Protection
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Warehouse/Distribution Center
Customer Requirements:
The warehouse does not have a physical fence to protect it, but the customer wanted to make maximum use of the latest Remote Video Response technology to provide a CCTV-led security solution.  

Benefits of Using Redscan:
The detector can create a vertical detection ‘virtual’ fence line around the perimeter with 15-metre zone length with the ability to seamlessly integrate with PTZ cameras
The detector is able to recognize the shape of uneven terrain and create a detection area without ‘blind spots’.  The detector sensitivity can be adjusted to ignore wildlife
and therefore minimize false alarms